You can never be sure what has been washed down the drain or sewer lines.  Dirt, hair, grease and other items can cause lines to drain slowly or become obstructed.  You can save thousands on repair and cleanup expenses that would result from a blocked or damaged line.  Regular maintenance of your buildings sewer/drain lines can help to ensure proper drain flow.  CRT provides services for condos, apartments and high-rises, or commercial/industrial properties.



Offering regular maintenance services including:

Flushing Services - to cut through blockages and grease build-ups and to maintain proper drain flow.

Snaking/Auguring Services - to remove larger items and debris.

Root Cutting - to cut through roots that have grown into and/or obstructed a line.

Video Inspections - to identify cracks, collapsed lines, difficult blockages or root penetration.



We also offer discounts when multiple buildings are booked for maintenance.




Proof of WCB and Liability available.

24 hour emergency services in the event of an unexpected

backup or drainage issue.



Call CRT Developments today  780.217.0907


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