Our services include:


aSewer/Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

aAuguring of Sewer/Drain Lines

aVideo Inspections

aSecondary Utility Locating

aHot/Cold Pressure Washing




aExcavation and Replacement of

   Damaged Sewer/Drain Lines

aBobcat and Excavation Services

a24 hour emergency services


Sewer/Drain Cleaning and Maintenance - Our flushing services are used to cut through build-ups, debris, grease and other blockages.  This is achieved using a pressure/steamer unit which heats the water up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and flushes at up to 3000 psi.  Flushing services can be used to solve issues related to most blockages and improve drain flow.  Regular maintenance of sewer/drain lines can help to prevent blockages and costly cleanup expenses that would result from settled debris or build-ups.  Our flushing services can also be used to thaw frozen pipes, conduits, and water lines throughout the winter months.

Snaking/Auguring - Roots growing into lines or solid debris buildup can be resolved utilizing auguring equipment.  Different attachments allow us to solve a variety of issues including retrieving solid items and cutting through solid buildup or roots.

Video Inspections - Camera equipment, connected to a fibre-optic cable, is pushed through sewer/drain lines to provide a visual inspection of the line.  This allows us to identify a drainage issue or collapsed line and find the exact location that it is occurring.  A dvd copy of the inspection is provided to each customer for future reference.

Secondary Utility Locating - CRT can locate secondary underground utilities (found on private property) including gas lines, telephone lines, power lines, sewer lines, and fibre-optic lines.  These lines are then marked on the surface using flags and/or paint.  Be aware that we DO NOT locate primary lines, you must contact Alberta-1-Call (1-800-242-3447)

Hot/Cold Pressure Washing - Cleaning sidewalks, parking lots, washing down buildings etc.

Excavation and Replacement of Damaged Sewer/Drain Lines - Once a damaged line has been identified, CRT can dig up the damaged line or section and replace it.


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